7th Reflection

When I first arrived in August, I thought that 7th was going to be the hardest year yet. Some guy (maybe cousin) named Marcelo told me that 7th grade is so tough. You have to hand in a bunch of homework, and the material was going to be really hard.
But I soon realized 7th grade isn’t that tough after all. If you do what the teachers tell you to do you won’t have as hard as a time as how Marcelo did. By October the school was starting to get harder. The teachers were starting to get more strict, and inpatient. They also expected a lot from you. Eventually I started to get scared because I thought that if I messed up I could end into a big problem like dropping my grades. In 7th grade I learned a lot of vocabulary thank you to my English teacher. We also learned responsibility. We learned responsibility by having to hand in all our homework in time and how we had Study for every test, quiz, and learning checks. Another thing I learned is a foreign language, French. I think learning a foreign language can help you in your near future.

As the year comes to a close I feel like I could’ve done better in school. I also think that 7th grade helped me a lot in my subjects, and I thank my teachers for what they taught me.If I had to do it over again I would change the way I studied because the way I studied this year didn’t really help me that much. I don’t think it was effective. My advice for next years 7th graders don’t worry so much about all the things you hear about 7th grade if you do everything that the teachers tell you and follow directions. It’s going to be the easiest year yet.


Leadership is everywhere, you can be a leader basically anywhere you are. Where I usually see leadership and where I use it the most is at school. Athletics is where teammates need leadership the most. I help my teammates fight through whatever it is they are doing. Like for example they can be running the big loop around the school, or running the track. If I see somebody somebody walking or giving up, I try to encourage them to keep running, instead of slacking off.

You see leadership can make a normal team become a great team. For example leadership cuould even be used at your own football game. If one of my teammates does a bad play I tell them to keep their heads up, and that they can do better on the next play. You never notice but leadership at school, and at sports can rely make a difference.

Favorite Poem

One sister for sale!
One sister for sale!
One crying and spying young sister for sale!
I’m really not kidding,
So who’ll start the bidding?
Do I hear the dollar?
A nickel?
A penny?
Oh, isn’t there, isn’t there, isn’t there any
One kid that will buy this old sister for sale,
This crying and spying young sister for sale?

By Sheldon Allan Silverstein

Media & Favorite Memory

My favorite TV Show when I was little was Bear in the Big Blue House. I watched everyday when I got home. It made feel happy during the day because the show made me laugh and smile. It’s basically a show full of big puppets, that sing and dance. You can see it for yourself in the video below. This show had me watching it for like one year and a half. I will never forget my favorite TV show when I was young.http://youtu.be/enwSyQo8d7k

Where I’m From

The culture, the food, the soccer, everything is great. Monterrey is an awesome place.
Monterrey is in the state of Nuevo León Its a pretty big city. Theirs a lot of great thing you can do in Monterrey you can go to the state town and take a tour in the Macroplaza. You also go to Parque Fundidora, it’s a really big factory, it was their when Monterrey started as a city. The factory helped the city a lot by the iron/metal they made. Or you can do one of my favorite things to do in Mexico is to find a good place to eat, the food their is delicious you can find tacos, mariscos, granielote my favorite, and many others. Maybe it’s. Of something you like to do then I wouldn’t recommend you to go, but if you like soccer then definitely come! Soccer in Mexico is like the most exciting soccer ever, the fans are crazy and the games are intense. Those are things that explain Monterrey.
Mexico can be a great place to visit, but some people really don’t like it. In my opinion it’s one of my favorite places on earth.


I think that the Winter Olympics are really impressive. I find it amazing what those people can do on their skiis and snowboards,
how they fly in the air like their not afraid of anything. Coming from a snowboarder what they do is unimaginable. When I jump on the ramps in the snow, like for example at beaver creek, at some points in midair I get really scared that I might fall really hard and break myself. But what these people do in the Olympics are twice as high and far as what I did. Not even that they do 360s, backflips, front flips and way more. I wish that at some point of my snowboarding life I will at least do cool stuff like that. Those Olympics really make me feel excited. I can’t wait what the athletes do next.

Expository Writing. Explain why school supplies are important.

“Class take out your pencils” Wait I don’t have my pencil, again… Having school supplies are important.
For instance, school tells you that pencils and pens are needed. Say you were to come to class without your pencil, how would you write and keep track of what you’ve learned. It would be difficult to learn. It’s a responsibility to keep track of your supplies.
Further more, without a binder, organization is futile – your papers will be everywhere. If you were in an English class (especially room 104) and didn’t have a binder, then you’ll loose you’re overdue essay. Nobody wants a zero for a major grade. Having a binder is important in general. Plus where would you store your pencils.
Throughout school, supplies are critical for learning. Therefore you should always be prepared.

Super Bowl

The Super Bowl weekend is here I love super bowl weekends. We always have family and friends over and it gets wild. Last year my cousin lost 100 bucks. And we always just play games and have fun. This year I’m rooting for the broncos. I really hope they win. This game I think it’s going to be a close match. The Super Bowl is supposed to be freezing cold so that gives the broncos advantage I think. But the best thing about that day is that I spend time with family and friends.

Championship Weekend

NFC & AFC Championship Game are this weekend! I’m so excited. These type of weekends are the ones I love. The games are gonna end up on a really tight score. The games are these Sundays. It’s going to be the Denver Broncos vs. New England Patriots for the NFC championship, whoever wins that goes to the Super Bowl on February 2nd 2014 at The MetLife Stadium in New York City. Then that same day The 49ers are playing against the Seattle Seahawks. Both of them are great games. That same week my dads coming back from London, he’s been there for a week really miss him. So that’s something to look forward to. Spend some quality time w/ you’re dad , and on Sunday afternoon relax and watch some FOOTBALL!